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An Expat Manager Fired 30 Saudis So The Ministry Of Labor Interfered And Fired Him Instead

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An expat who worked in the Human Resources department in a company in Al Khobar took bigoted advantage of his post and dismissed 30 Saudi employees.

According to the Saudi Gazette, the Ministry of Labor interfered and reinstated the 30 Saudis.

The very first problem was that the expat shouldn’t have even be employed in the Human Resources department as employment in that sector is limited to just Saudis.

The unjust dismissal of the 30 Saudis also went viral on social media.

The expat manager has since been fired from his company and issued a one-way exit visa. His post which fell vacant was filled by a Saudi citizen.

In addition to that, the company has been fined with a whopping SAR420,000 in fines.

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