About 20% Of Traffic Accidents Involved Women Drivers And Most Of Them Rear-Ended Cars In Front Of Them

Saudi driver

According to the Saudi Gazette, of the 12,037 cases referred to the traffic courts in the country about 20% involved women. The data collected is from a period spanning over the past eight months.

The report had a pretty interesting finding as it noted that the majority of accidents that involved women were of them rear-ending cars in front of them.

In fact, a field controller and supervisor of accident inspections, Ahmed Al-Shihri, said that about 40% of all rear-end collisions were caused by women drivers.

Not all accidents are referred to the courts, it is mostly when any sort of blood money is involved that an accident is referred to the court.

The region where most of these accidents involving women took place is Makkah with 3,516 of the total number of cases.