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A Video Of A Saudi Family Bidding Goodbye To Their Nanny And Her Husband Put People To Tears

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Prepare your waterworks. 

An emotional video featuring a Saudi family bidding adieu to their domestic worker and her husband has gone viral, and residents couldn’t control their tears. The photos and videos of a nanny and her husband departing after 28 years were compiled in a tweet that has now garnered 8,000 plus in retweets alone (at the time of this post). 

Twitter user, Joud, uploaded the content as a homage to the couple who had been a part of his family for almost two decades. 

In his tweet, he wrote…

“Our nanny and her husband have worked for us for over 28 years and today they left back home for good. She was one of us, she raised me and my siblings, she knew everything about us, what we liked and didn’t. I swear it’s like we lost a family member, we’re all in tears.” 

A video of the farewell was also added within the same tweet

Saudi Twitter was emotionally-stirred…

“The hardest thing is saying goodbye”

“Nooooo, my heart can’t handle this”

Others shared their personal stories with workers who have become a part of their families 

So sweet.

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