A Twitter Survey Shows That King Salman Is The Most Influential Leader In The World Even Ranking Higher Than Trump

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The Custodian of The Two Holy Mosques King Salman is number 1 on the list of the most effective world leaders in 2018. No surprise there, seeing as His Highness has done so much in the last year alone- that has lead to many of the substantial changes that we see in the Kingdom today.

The Twitter survey via Twiplomacy looked into different factors that checked each world leader's official Twitter accounts: its reach, engagement, interactions and more.

The study was done to determine which leaders did best or worst in a variety of categories, such as the most influential, most followed and even the most effective world leaders.

King Salman's official Twitter account

Although U.S. President Donald Trump has achieved more than 264 million interactions on Twitter and is the most-followed leader on the social media platform. Twiplomacy looked into measuring each leaders' number of retweets from others to look into their effectiveness and found that King Salman's account has a really good interaction rate of 3.63%.

The reason that's even more amazing is that this rate only covers the 11 tweets he has sent out in the last twelve months.

King Salman is the most effective world leader

Based on the 11 tweets published between May 2017 and May 2018 and there than 150,000 retweets on average those have received, Twiplomacy announced that King Salman is the most effective world leader on Twitter.

Most of the King's tweets are in Arabia and without visuals, but they still manage to do well on social media platforms.

President Trump's account comes second in the most effective world leader accounts, according to the study.

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