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​A Saudi Tourist Lost A Bag Containing 110,000 SAR And The Turkish Man Who Finds It Returns It In Full

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The generous act has earned the Turkish photographer widespread praise.

According to The Daily Sabah, a Turkish photographer, Tezcan Gülen, found a bag containing 110,000 Saudi riyals that was lost by Saudi tourist. Upon finding it he returned it to its Saudi owner.

The incident happened in Turkey’s Bursa province on Sunday.

Gülen was on his way to work in Uludağ Sarıalan district, which is popular amongst tourists when he came across the bag.

Assuming that it belonged to a tourist Gülen handed it over to the authorities without even opening it.

When the authorities found that the bag contained large sums of money they immediately started searching for the owner. During much the same time two Saudi tourists reported a lost bag to the gendarme forces.

After determining that they were, in fact, the original owners of the bag, the gendarme forces handed over the bag to the Saudis.

The report adds that the Saudis were unable to contain their excitement and thanked the authorities and Gülen before leaving

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