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A Saudi Businessman Has Tried To Bribe Officials To Get His Mother Arrested

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A Saudi court is currently dealing with a really unique case where a man has been accused of paying a huge bribe to an official – for the strangest of reasons.

The bribe was allegedly placed by the businessman to place his mother on a terrorism funding list of criminals

The businessman is accused of having paid a bribe of SAR 4 million riyals to a prominent official and used the official as a mediator to present a letter to authorities, in which he stated that his Saudi mother was financing a terrorist group.

A local newspaper has stated that the businessman has admitted to submitting a communication against his mother to the competent authorities, but is denying offering a bribe in exchange for her arrest.

The official claimed that submitting the report against the mother was according to the information he obtained from the businessman. He also said he was not paid and was just doing his job.

However, local sources state that the man allegedly wanted to get rid of his mother by getting her jailed after a financial dispute broke out between them.

The son gave his mother a bank cheque of over 22 million riyals (19.6 million dollars) and she had started to ask him to fulfill his dues to her.

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