A New Smartphone App Called 'Massajed' Will Be Developed For Mosques In The Kingdom

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A new smartphone app, "Massajed", is being implemented to help provide many services related to prayer mosques all over the Kingdom. Minister of Islamic Affairs, Call and Guidance Saleh Al-Sheikh received a thorough explanation of the app's features and aims when he visited the Center for Geographic Information of Mosques in Riyadh. 

Arab News
reports that the app is in line with Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman's Vision 2030, wherein the Kingdom is moving to a more digital era and improvements within work. 

The 'Massajed' App

This app will include a geographic information system that will feature several of these services:

  • Information about the mosque and its curators 
  • Map of the mosques throughout the Kingdom 
  • People's ability to send notifications on the mosque 
  • Locating places for daawa and other..

Aside from that, the app will also serve as a bridge for feedback from pilgrims and imams, on the conditions of the mosques as well as maintenance reports. 

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