A New Law Means Mothers Will Have More Rights Over The Custody Of Their Children In A Divorce

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Good news have come for divorced women to make it easier in gaining custody of their children. According to Arab News, divorced women no longer need to file a lawsuit to gain custody of their children (so long as the parents are on good terms). 

Mothers can now just submit a request to the relevant court, without any legal action. 

More benefits for women in regards to their children 

Sheikh Walid Al-Samaani, the minister of justice and president of the Higher Council of the Judiciary told Arab News in a report that the new process was stated in circular courts.  This new law also gives the mother the right to handles all the formalities related to the children in government departments, schools and more. 

Other than that, women can now collect all the child support and maintenance from civil entities, however; she won't be able to travel with her children outside Saudi without the permission of a judge. 

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