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A Saudi Man Went Missng In A Desert For Five Days And Was Just Rescued An Hour Ago Thanks To Twitter

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Husam Rouibih Alselmi was finally located by a rescue group called Aoun one hour ago after he went missing for the last five days in a Tabuk desert. His family members set up a hashtag on Twitter to help locate the man, and luckily, with the power of twitter- he was rescued.

The hashtag resulted in multiple retweets and new posts of residents helping seek Alselmi

“I am off to go look for the missing man, I will be joining some other guys there and we got batteries, canned foods and enough water and fuel. We also agreed on an emergency plan b incase anything goes wrong. in God’s speed.”

Several tweets of similar nature, except with reposts of the man’s photo circulated the social media app. Eventually, a local rescue team called ‘Aoun’ (literal translation: help), managed to track the man through a phone call he made to his family yesterday afternoon. 

“We received a missing person’s report south of Tabouk, the person called his family yesterday after noon asking for help and said he was very thirsty, then all communication was lost. His location was traced to a village 160 km south of Tbouk”

And with that last location information, they managed to trace his car and retrace his steps

“Urgent: Missing man’s vehicle found, and his steps are being traced at the moment in the same area”

And then they found him! 

“The missing man is now found with God’s help. He is currently with a member of the foundation to get him to the hospital”

A user on Twitter left very helpful advice to anyone ever in danger

“This feature is very important for all to know, if you are ever in danger, just click the power button 5 times in a row, and you will get this screen that will notify the authorities of your location using the GPS in your phone”

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