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A Man Who Wasn’t Even Saudi Claimed That He Was A Saudi Prince And Duped Investors Off Millions

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He lived a life of luxury and his Instagram page is surely going to make you jealous.

48-year-old Anthony Gignac who called himself Khalid Bin Al-Saud claimed to be a Saudi prince. He used his life filled with exotic cars, charter travel and luxury watches to convince investors. It worked actually to some extent. It might as well because he even purchased diplomatic number plates, fake licenses and even wore thobes just to give his claim more weight.

According to the BBC, Gignac duped people of $8 million.

Gignac was of Columbian heritage and moved to America at the age of seven when he was adopted by a family in Michigan. He started making the Saudi royal claim at the age of 17.

He was recently caught at the age of 48, after almost 31 years of conning people. He is now sentenced to jail for 18 years.

The BBC reports that Gignac was caught while trying to attempt to invest in a hotel in Miami in 2017. The hotel owners got suspicious of him when they saw his willingness to eat pork.

They then hired private investigators to investigate that then went on to become a federal investigation and Gignac’s eventual arrest.

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