A Hashtag On Twitter About Who The Smarter Gender Is Created The Funniest Reactions

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Both genders have lots of perks - being a girl means you're more sensitive and compassionate, while being a boy means you're strong and driven. 

But those definitions are constantly changing, now girls and boys alike are breaking all sorts of stereotypes, but it seems as if Twitter wants to settle one final question on who the smarter gender is. 

The hashtag started trending on Twitter yesterday and what has come out of this mini feud will make you giggle.

It's called "" or #girls are smarter than boys that found the most hilarious comments from Saudi boys. 

While some agree, others have different reactions on the subject

This user says that girls are always smarter than boys

While this boy denies it completely

Some totally agree

And this girl had the facts to back it up

Others don't agree with the hashtag whatsoever

This user completely disagrees with the trending hashtag to begin with, asking girls to "respect themselves." 

The hashtag might've elicited all sorts of hilarious reactions but this ancient-long mystery on the most superior gender still remains. 

And let's not forget: 

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