A Group Of Niqab-Clad Saudi Women Has Won First Place At The World's Largest Hackathon

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Saudi Arabia’s Hajj Hackathon had one of the largest prize money on offer for a hackathon and the ones that bagged first place were an all-female group.

Social media went berserk following the announcement.

The total prize money on offer was SAR 2 Million.

The Saudi female group which won the first prize was awarded SAR 1 Million, the first runners-up were an Egyptian team “Mahfazat Hajj” who were awarded SAR 500,000 and the second runners-up was a group from Algeria “Hajj Walad” who were given SAR350,000 as a cash prize.

The winning idea of the Saudi team that won first place was a solution to the language barrier that pilgrims from around the world face. They introduced an application that is able to translate signboards to any language without requiring an internet connection.

Earlier the Hajj Hackathon was given the Guinness World Record certificate for the largest number of participants in a hackathon with a total of 2,950 participants.

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