5 Countries That Have Sided With Saudi Arabia In Its Ongoing Dispute With Canada

Saudi flag

It all started with a tweet from Canadian Foreign Minister Chrystia Freeland and her ministry’s official Twitter account, since then the rift between the two countries has risen rapidly.

Saudi Arabia has expelled the Canadian Ambassador, Saudi Airlines has stopped flying to the country and reports have come in that Saudi students have been told to transfer to colleges and universities elsewhere.

Many countries are siding with Saudi Arabia following Canada’s interference in the country’s sovereignty. Here are some of them.

1. Bahrain

They were one of the first to express their support to Saudi and have a released a statement through its press agency.

2. UAE

UAE soon followed suit voicing its support for the kingdom and its Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation has said that it “stands in solidarity with Riyadh in the confrontation of any foreign interference that may undermine its sovereignty.”

3. Palestine

The Palestinian news agency, Wafa, has reported that Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas said: “we stand with Saudi Arabia against blatant Canadian interference in its internal affairs.”

4. Russia

Russia has also defended Saudi Arabia’s stance and the spokesperson for their Foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova has said: “It has the sovereign right to decide how it will proceed in this vital sphere.”

5. Pakistan

One of the latest countries to stand by Saudi Arabia’s decision is Pakistan. “Pakistan stands by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in protecting its sovereignty as a matter of principle and based on the historic and brotherly relations between our two countries,” said the spokesman for the country’s Foreign Office.