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A Video Of A Saudi Man Sharing Breakfast With A Cleaner On National Day Will Warm Your Heart

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A video of a Saudi man who insisted a cleaner share breakfast with him has gone viral on Twitter and people are in awe.

Many are praising the Saudi man for his generosity and kindness, the kind of deed that reflects on the true character of Saudis.

The story:

The cleaner walked into the restaurant, adorned with the Saudi flag, when the local insisted he sit and they have breakfast together. It seems that another person also dining at the restaurant filmed the whole thing and uploaded it onto Twitter.

As this is being written, the current view count on Twitter is close to 50,000.

Saudis everywhere have been retweeting the video and praising both the cleaner and the local

‘May God reward him well.’

‘Something beautiful.’

A lot of Saudis also expressed that the act was something very common in the Kingdom

‘It is natural for any Muslim to give charity the poor and poor people. God bless us..’

‘This is not new to Saudis’

‘Best example on how to celebrate the National Day’

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