7 Super FUN Ways To Get Into The Spirit Of The Upcoming National Day

Showcase your Saudi pride to the fullest!

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The commemoration of Saudi Arabia's founding is drawing closer and closer.

September 23 marks the day that the Kingdom was established by King Abdulaziz in 1932.

The day the entire Kingdom was unified, region by region, into what we now know as our beloved Saudi Arabia is definitely a day to celebrate.

And here are a couple of ways you can elevate your National Day spirits...

1. Dress in all greeen

Nothing better than representing Saudi's national color.

In fact, many of our proud residents do it every single year!

2. Eat all the greens! (or bake them)

3. Join a maseerah with your family or check out other public events

There's sure to be one in every city.

4. Decorate your vehicle in full patriot uniform

It looks pretty cool too.

5. Dedicate lovely posts that celebrate your Saudi friends online

6. Enjoy the beauty of the nighttime fireworks!

7. Simply wave your flag

...Or take a selfie with it.

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Shereen Ahmed

A heavily caffeinated 24-year old writer and blogger. Shereen enjoys traveling, attempting yoga poses and getting bullied by her Persian cat.