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A Woman Who Was Seen Abusing Her 10-Month Old Daughters In A Video Has Been Arrested

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A video showing a mother abusing her two 10-month-old daughters has spread across Saudi social media and actions have already been taken by authorities against her.

The clips shows the girls being slapped and dropped from heights and seem to be filmed by the mother

At one point, the abuser also threatens to kill one of the children.

Immediately, a spokesperson for the Ministry of Labor and Social development sent out a tweet asking people to share any additional information they would have to track down the abuser.

Several local publications have reported that the man who originally posted the videos came forth and shared relevant information with the authorities.

The man claimed to be a friend of the girls’ father and explained that the mother filmed those videos and sent them to her former husband who has not been financially supporting them.

The girls’ father and his family, who are based in Somalia, have been in touch with the ministry since and the twins have been handed over to them after a medical checkup.

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