Watch: Felippe Massa Raced The World's Fastest Animal In The Saudi Desert And This Is Who Won


Renowned F1 driver Felippe Massa is in Saudi Arabia currently to take part in the Ad Diriyah E Prix. At the backdrop of the main ace he managed to roll out a Gen2 Formula E car for a drag race of a different kind.

The drag race was held some 90 km southwest of Ad Diriyah and his opponent wasn't an F1 driver but was a trained Pergerine Falcon.

The Pergerine falcon is considered to be the fastest animal in the world capable of reaching speeds of over 320 km/h

To find out who won you can watch the full video here:

The Ad Diriyah E Prix will mark Felippe Massa's debut in the world of Formula E.

The race will also mark the competitive debut of the Gen2 car.

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