These Are The 6 ULTIMATE Must-Try Dishes In Jeddah According To A Visiting Foodie Vlogger

Popular international food vlogger, Basil Elhaj, recently visited Saudi Arabia and tried out some of the top recommended foodie spots in Jeddah. He shared his experiences in a 15-minute-long YouTube video that took him to Al Baik for the chick, Almuallimi for the liver and so much more.

Watching the video had us craving a few of these beloved Jeddawi food choices, so here it is for you to see...

1. Al Muallimi Restaurant's yummy liver dishes

Screen Shot 2018 04 29 At 4 03 16 Pm

2. Shrimp Anatomy 

What an experience, and what a taste indeed.

3. The fried hammour and battered shrimps at the souk

Authenticity to its core.

Screen Shot 2018 04 29 At 3 56 07 Pm

4. Khubz

Screen Shot 2018 04 29 At 3 57 29 Pm

5. Chai Karak and sweets

Pistachio mini waffles are a heaven-sent.

Screen Shot 2018 04 29 At 4 00 20 Pm

6. And finally, Al Baik!

Screen Shot 2018 04 29 At 4 01 08 Pm

Watch the full-video below!

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