Saudis Are Outraged After Footage Of A Mum Brutally Punishing Her Son Went Viral

Horrible Mom Saudi

Many Saudis were enraged after seeing a terrifying video on Twitter where a mother punished her son, all because he forgot the key to their apartment in a different floor.

It can be seen in the video that the woman held onto her child's leg while he was holding onto the edge of a balcony.

Warning: The clip could be a little triggering

The video broke the hearts of so many people

'My heart stopped beating. Haram.'

"This could traumatise the child, they need to do something to her"

"There is no way she's his mother.."

"All of this because of a KEY? She risks losing his life, for a KEY?"

One tweet shed a glimmer of hope, to bringing this child justice

"I read that the police caught her. Crazy."