Laura Alho Of Blue Abaya And Her Father Are Inspiring Netizens With This 40 Second Video

"Thanks for making our country clean!"

Laura Alho Blue Abaya Desert

Popular Finnish lifestyle blogger of the Blue Abaya blog, Laura Alho, recently shared a tweet of her father coming to visit and sending out an important message about not leaving plastic remains in a desert.

Alho is based in Riyadh and has been living here for quite some time, well enough to garner her an audience that absolutely enjoys her explorations of the other hidden gems across the Kingdom.

A lot of Saudis were, rather, inspired by the message Professor Hanu Alho (her dad) shared

In the tweet, Laura shared that her father Professor Hannu Alho, visited from Finland for the Ad Diriyah E Prix last weekend. He is seen picking up remains of plastic containers and bottlers, discussing that the items left behind will take at least 10,000 years to decompose- if left behind.

Laura captioned the tweet saying, "I took him to my favorite place in the beautiful Saudi desert-sadly we found lots of trash. I hope his words can inspire others like he has inspired me since I was a kid."

Some Saudis found that it was a little embarrassing that these actions still took place

A lot of the tweeps thanked Professor Alho for his kindness and care for the Kingdom's lush landscapes

"Thanks for making our country clean!"

"Feel so sorry for him that he faced the trash in his journey and hope that he enjoyed the visit. Thank you guys!"

People appreciated that the blogger put in efforts to spread awareness

"Thanks Laura, certainly awareness is rising more than ever. Keep up the good work"

"Thanks for being a good example"

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