Eeek! A Video Of People Eating Locusts In Other Parts Of Saudi Has Split Opinions Among Residents

Would you try this?

Locust Eating Saudi

In somewhat of a peculiar fashion, a video of residents biting into living and fried locusts (type of grasshoper common in the desert) has led to a series of mixed reactions.

A Twitter account shared this video that shows how in other parts of the Kingdom, these insects are the ultimate snack of choice.

(Image Credits: ScreenGrab)

The crunchy locusts are a hit in Al Ahsa and other parts of Saudi

According to an earlier report by Saudi Gazette, vendors in Al Ahsa search the night for locusts due to the ease in finding them. Al Ahsa's Al-Asfar (Yellow) Lake is the spot where most of these creatures can be found.

Although the Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture has warned about the dangers of consuming these little insects, peeps are still somewhat enthralled by its flavour. It is said that the selling of locusts has also been banned due to the pesticides they've been exposed to.

Saudis reaction on Twitter truly varied from horrified to understanding

Real quick.

The casualness of the entire ordeal was striking to some

"It's like he's eating potatoes"

"No no no, ew"

While those who've tried the 'crunchy' selection of locusts admitted to liking its taste

"It tastes so good"

But others boiled it down to a good, understanding point

"They all have their traditions and culture. I respect and love to know different cultures, even if I don't see this easy, I am happy because they are happy, whatever they are doing."