AWW: Saudis Are Raving About A Young Iraqi's Praise For A Special Service

Iraqi Man Praises Madinah

A young Iraqi recently visited Madinah for the first time, vlogging about it and lauding the holy city for just how well it treats visitors.

An indication that speaks volumes of truth, indeed.

Saudis were so enamored by the kind words he shared in his video compilation of the trip, it resulted in great response from residents.

He commended the Kingdom's absolute hospitality during his stay

The love between Iraq and Saudi Arabia has never been more fruitful

Thanks, once again, Twitter.

"Iraqi people are one of the best!"

"Love Iraqis and their accent. You're welcome!"

The vlogs in Madinah were so good, he even had people wishing they were there

"Lucky you, wish I could visit KSA"

A cheeky commenter couldn't hold in a comment about his shumagh

"He looks funny when he wears shumag"

We don't blame him, Madinah is a wonderful area