A SHOCKING Video Of Women Fighting By A Sidewalk Has Sparked Criticism From Netizens

"Only thing that upset me is what happened to the kid"

Public Women Fight In Saudi

We've seen a collection of the most daunting or stupendously hilarious reels on Saudi's Twitter.

Most of them often go viral and fairly so, and they create social debates amongst residents of the Kingdom that might end in a proper solution or not.

Another one of those surprising videos is one that was posted on the social media platform Twitter on Tuesday. The 34-second-clip shows the unfortunate handling of a child during a public fight in an undisclosed area in Saudi between five women.

Warning: This footage may cause distress

The video shows five women evidently fighting while passing cars just drive by

The user @ibrahimbasha uploaded the video with a caption that said,"What is the guilt of the child, even the great singer Abdulmajeed said in his song may God protect people from his evilness."

The video shows how a child was mishandled and eventually dropped as one of the women engaged in a physical fight with the others. Many cars passed by and did nothing to halt the situation.

It has caused an explosion of angry tweets from residents

...with many feeling upset about the child's unfortunate inclusion in the spat.

"Only thing that upset me is what happened to the kid"

"Poor baby, leave the kid aside and keep going at it however you please."

Others also criticised the person who filmed the video for not intervening

"I swear whoever is filming is very impolite, instead of breaking off the fight, they kept on filming. I hope the police catches them and the person filming them."

The video, uploaded by user Ibrahim Basha, has now garnered almost 50,000 views (at the time this was written) with many retorting to the situation and criticising not just the fact that a fight was taking place but that no one tried to put a stop to it.