A Man Performed His Maghrib Salah Before Passing Away In A Sad Video

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A viral video shows a Bengali native who passed away after completing his Maghrib salah (prayer) at a masjid in Riyadh.

Although the video's source doesn't state the date this occurred, the clip was shared on Tuesday.

Image Credits/ Twitter/ @birdsofjanna

The man passed away after reciting the Quran inside a mosque in Riyadh

In the video, it is evident that after the man completed his Maghrib salah, he went back to his place at the back of the Masjid to recite the Quran, after which he passed away.

People online have shared their emotional reaction to the clip

...along with prayers for the man's passing.

"May Allah grant him jannatul firdaws"


'May Allah grant him the highest rank of Jannah'