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A Saudi Policeman Helping An Elderly Man Cross The Street Is Exactly What Madinah Is About

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Anyone who has been to Madinah can testify about the tranquility that they feel in the city and the magnanimity of its residents. One recent video captures the hospitality of one policeman that kind of gives an idea of what the city is all about.

The video only begins midway of the act, so this is what supposedly happens before it. A policeman stops at a signal while on patrolling duty.

He then sees an elderly man crossing the street, upon which he immediately gets out from his car and makes his way towards the elderly man.

This is where the video begins in which the policeman is seen escorting the elderly man across the street. He helps the elderly man cross and makes his way back to his car, which is stopped at the signal.

The video has immediately gone viral and Twitteratis are all praise for the unidentified policeman.

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