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This Is Not A Drill: Saudi Tourist Visas Will SOON Be Available Hassle- Free

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Visiting Saudi Arabia will soon be much easier with tourist visas to be issued faster, Al Watan newspaper reported. According to the paper, plans to begin issuing visas are already in process- with its first stages already rolled out. 

During this first stage, visas will only be available to groups of visitors through permitted tour operators 

A member of the Shoura Council, Jamal Al-Fakhri, told the local paper Al Watan that he hopes the Tabuk region will turn into a tourist hub in the region. Al- Fakhri added that the Public Investment Fund (PIF) would aid in boosting the Kingdom’s tourism that will help create even more job opportunities. 

There are many (hopeful) tour guides who are multilingual and ready to work in the field after meeting the requirements set by the Saudi Commission for Tourism and National Heritage (SCTH)

Jamal Al Fakhri (via Al Watan)

There have already been successful tourism initiatives in the Kingdom

Like the Asir development project, the yearly Souk Okaz in Ta’if that takes place as well  as the stunning Farasan Islands. With museums, endless archaeological sites and Insta-worthy spots for tourists. 

There’s a lot to see in the Kingdom

That even celebrities have gone to visit.. 

Historical sites at Mada’in Saleh visited by Richard Branson of the Virgin Group

Natural high mountains

and even parts of the Red Sea!

Thinking of a visit yet?

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