Al Nassr Football Team Sent Out A Motivational Push For The Green Falcons In The BEST Way Possible

The Green Falcons will compete against North Korea at the 2019 Asian Cup.

Green Falcons Al Nassr Fc

Al Nassr, like all the other football teams in Saudi, is super active on social media. So much so, that the team is continuously updating fans about training days, future match schedules and other quirky vids to ensure the footie fans are always in the know.

On Monday, the team sent out an adorable throwback video to wish the Kingdom's national team, the Green Falcons, some luck for tomorrow's AFC Asian Cup.

They did it in the BEST and most nostalgic way possible.

Everyone's been cheering on the Falcons on Twitter since last night

All Nassr tweeted saying, "Past generations of Saudi football players dominated the AFC Asian Cup, a new journey will start with a new generation that we trust."

And ended it with a delightful cheer, "Go Green Falcons!'

The memorable video shows snippets of players from years back competing in the annual AFC Asian Cup.

The Green Falcons will play against North Korea on Tuesday

The 2019 AFC Asian Cup will take place in the UAE from today (Tuesday) wherein Saudi Arabia will play against North Korea in a match.

'Good luck' greets for the team are pouring in from all corners

'With my luck, Falcons'
'Get it'
'Good luck'

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