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Check Out The Photos Of This Travel Photographer Who Just Got To Saudi For The Ad Diriyah E-Formula Race

A Cape-Town based travel photographer arrived at the Kingdom's capital on Tuesday and shared his captures of the city on social media.

People are lovin' it and giving Kyle Miljof a warm welcome.

Miljkof mentioned on his Twitter account that he had wanted to visit Saudi Arabia in the last three years and following an invite from a Saudi friend named Josef (also a travel blogger), he finally did.

The notorious Instagram photographer came to Saudi to attend the E-Formula race at the Ad Diriyah area in Riyadh wherein he obtained an e-visa online.

He's one of the first batch of tourists to attain an e-visa to Saudi online

...In easy, quick steps too (might we add)

Miljof arrived at Riyadh on Tuesday but the photos he's snapped are already invigorating

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It's no surprise since the photographer has captured the world in the most ethereal ways

He's been to Petra...

Captured the glorious parts of South Africa

P.S. Cape Town is where he's based.

and he even went on a 4-day trip to Kuwait

Can't wait to see the rest of the photos Mijlof will take in Riyadh

Hopefully he gets to visit other parts of the Kingdom too. It's great to have international visitors exploring the Kingdom's precious hidden gems and showing it to the world.

Nothing better than basking in the glory of nature and seeing all that the planet has to offer.

Fortunately for us, Kyle is quick with it as he has already managed to upload a short clip of his first day in Riyadh (sorta.)

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