A Photographer Has Made Us Swoon Over With His Incredible Photos Of Masjid An Nabawi


Masjid An Nabawi holds a special place in the hearts of Muslims around the globe. There have been so many people who have photographed it but not have been able to capture its true beauty. We recently came across this photographer who has captured it unlike what we’ve ever seen before.   

Madani Sindi has been capturing photos of Masjid An Nabawi for quite some time now and from night photography to aerial shots he seems to have covered it full circle. Prepared to witness the mosque in a completely different way.

A fish eye panorama shot.

Its huge umbrellas from above.

An aerial shot of the mosque captured from a drone.

Sindi seems to enjoy black and white photos a lot as they regularly appear in his photographs.

Here's another black and white one on a moonlit night.

The spirit and essence of Ramadan.

Picture fit for a Ramadan poster.

Here's Masjid An Nabawi from a view many have not seen before.

It's almost like we can feel the peace and serenity of Madinah through this one.

How did he even manage to get a photo like this?

Now who will not want to double tap this?

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Mohammed Mirza

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