11 Photos Of An Oasis Desert In Saudi That Makes For The Coziest Winter Camping Spot

Zulfi Desert Riyadh

Families across the Kingdom are currently making the most of the fantastic late November weather by packing up, setting up tents and overnight camping in the desert.

Camping is one of Saudi's most favoured activity during winter, and luckily for all of us, there's also no more magnificent location than its extended desert.

Az Zulfi's dunes are one of MANY oasis desert spots that have left many in absolute awe of its beauty, and it's a great place to consider for your next weekend camping trip.

Image Credits: IG/ @aln_faris, @abdulnsar & @a_n305

Az Zulfi is located in Riyadh's northern central region of Najd

Over the south of Zulfi lays the Samnan Valley- considered the longest valley in the city

Peeps can actually spot the Al-Yamama/Tuwaiq mountain range

From the northern side of Al- Zulfi, that is!

Since the Tuwaiq mountain range actually begins from there.

Families love taking the kids out to spend a day basking in the Al-Thoyr sands

Probs because of its rich sand dunes and the oasis greenery

Overnight campers often set up a makeshift fireplace

...creating an overall cozy atmosphere

Az Zulfi experiences very hot summers but super cool winters

The latter weather is when the chai turns into a necessity.

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And let's not even forget the camping food = always EXTRA

Pass on the rice!

Be sure to check it out whenever you find yourself in the Kingdom's capital of Riyadh

And when you're there, just absorb all that peace around you

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