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15 Instagram Pictures From The Janadriyah Festival That’ll Show You Just How Great It Was This Year

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Just ending today, the 32nd Janadriyah Festival took place for 18 days, with activities, performances, live shows and more for all members of the family. 

Inaugurated by King Salman on February 7, the festival was proven to be one of the most exciting and successful events to occur in the Kingdom, with thousands of visitors each day. 

Not only was the festival proven to be one of the funnest activities to indulge in over the past month, but expats proved to have had fun too. 

If you missed out on the festival, here are 15 pictures that will show you everything you need to know about how the event went – and get you excited for the next one!

1. Everyone stayed hydrated!

2. The whole place was aesthetic

3. Culture was seeping everywhere

4. Thought and consideration was put in every corner of the festival

5. Vintage vibes

6. You could get your henna done!

7. Everyone stayed well-fed

8. A few stunning things on sale

9. The festival attracted not only the locals, but expats as well

10. They had camel rides too

11. Long live Saudi!

12. Everyone got involved in games

13. Smiles everywhere

14. The UAE had their own pavilion as well

15. And it was the best place to end the day at.

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