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Terms and Conditions Of Lovin Saudi Competitions

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Here at Lovin Saudi we love to give something back to our readers in the form of competitions. There’s no better way to say our thanks to you Ladies and Gents than by treating you to something nice (and free) the odd time.

Please bear in mind though, that these competitions do have Terms and Conditions to prevent anyone taking advantage of them. Depending on each competition, there may be specifics but these are the general terms.

Also it’s important to note that when we select the winners, we do so by using a randomizer-tool. We do this to ensure there is no bias in any of our competitions. We’re all about equality after all!

Terms and Conditions

1. Only Saudi residents may apply

2. All entrants must be 21 years or older.

3. Only one entry per participant

4. If there is the same prize on multiple social channels, a winner can only win on ONE channel.

5. Rudeness, trolling or bullying will not be tolerated on our platforms. If there is any un-likeable behaviour, your entry will be disqualified and we won’t like you for it

6. Any entries after the closing date, as stated on entry- requirements, will not be accepted

7. Entering your email into the system will opt in to receive Lovin Dubai and partners’ communications in the future. We won’t share your information with third parties though, and you can always opt out.

8. Unless otherwise stated, competitions run for two weeks. Winners are usually announced on the channel where the competition details are posted, including in the case of a website competition, (Facebook, Twitter or Instagram) and winners will then be contacted via email or phone

9. Lovin Saudi staff members and family are not eligible to win

10. Prizes are non-transferable nor refundable

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