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7 Ways You’ll Have Fun With Family And Friends At The Chilly Snow City In Riyadh

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Who says residents in Saudi can’t enjoy some good snow in the middle of the summer?

Snow City is our equivalent of Ski Dubai, and it’s every bit a dream as it is a fun place for adults and children alike. 

Here’s 7 way you’re sure to enjoy Snow City’s brrrrreezy vibes with your family:

1. Located in a shopping mall in Riyadh, Snow City, is a fun haven to get a feel of that cold European weather we don’t get to enjoy as much in Saudi 

2. Where you’ll get to ski like a pro…

3. Make snow angels like these adorable kids 

Life’s too short.

4. Have your children or yourself enjoy sliding down the ‘ice slide’

A must.

5. See the Eiffel Tower in frozen form?

6. Try spinning in an ice- carousel

7. And of course, laugh your heart out while trying to move around a Zorb Ball

Reuters even reported that approx. 1,500 people visit Snow City in a day

Have you gone? Do you want to?

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