Saudis Will Soon Be Granted E-Visas To This Asian Country


The Crown Prince’s three nation Asian tour is already reaping tangible benefits, one of the most exciting is a new e-visa facility that will be granted by a rising Asian giant to Saudis.

According to Arab News, the Indian authorities are working towards making e-visas available for Saudis as soon as possible.

India already offers an e-visa facility to nationals of some 150 odd countries.

Earlier those Saudis who wanted to visit India required to go through a rigid biometric visa process.

The Indian embassy based in Riyadh lists the following long list of documents to obtain a tourist visa, which costs SAR 385.

  1. Original Passport (valid for a minimum period of six months at the time of submission of visa application)
  2. Copy of Passport
  3. Two recent Passport size photographs.
  4. Duly completed Online Application Form
  5. Applicable Visa Fee in Cash Saudi Riyals
  6. Copy of Saudi ID card/ Copy of Iqama for Foreigners
  7. Proof of confirmation of hotel accommodation in India
  8. Airlines ticket for India
  9. A letter from Employers or Sponsors or a Bank Statement of the applicant (last one month). In case of minors, document(s) from either parent may be submitted

Luckily, this will be scrapped soon and applicants will have to go through an easy four step visa system to obtain the visa, which will have a much faster processing time.

Travelling to the land of vibrant colours, ostentatious festivals, exotic landscapes and flamboyant traditions has never been easier.

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Mohammed Mirza

Mohammed is an avid traveler who is constantly on the hunt for new and upcoming Saudi travel destinations. Having lived much of his life in Saudi, he knows the country like the back of his hand. He's also a book lover at heart and is the author of a novel called "Desert Promises".