Saudis Can Now Travel To This European Country Visa-Free But There Is One Big Catch


Albania’s Prime Minister Edi Rama visited Saudi Arabia earlier this year and a number of deals were signed between the two countries including those related to tourism.

Recently, the Albanian ambassador to the kingdom, Sami Shiba, made the landmark announcement offering visa-free travel to Saudi citizens.

However, there is one big catch to this announcement and that is that the visa-free facility is valid only till the 31st of October.

According to Arab News, the visa-free facility has also been provided to citizens of Bahrain and Oman.

Shiba also revealed that there may even be a direct flight operated by Saudi Airlines from Jeddah and Riyadh to the capital of Albania, Tirana.

So what are you waiting for? Rugged mountains, historic towns and pristine beaches await you.

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Mohammed Mirza

Mohammed is an avid traveler who is constantly on the hunt for new and upcoming Saudi travel destinations. Having lived much of his life in Saudi, he knows the country like the back of his hand. He's also a book lover at heart and is the author of a novel called "Desert Promises".