This Place In Saudi Arabia Houses The Largest Oasis In The World


The eastern province of Saudi Arabia is the largest of all provinces in the country. And, within this large province lies an oasis that is the largest in the world.

According to the Guinness World Records, Al Ahsa Oasis is the largest self-contained oasis in the world.

All in all, the oasis houses over 1.5 million palm trees in it

That are spread over an area of 30,000 acres

It doesn’t even rain much here, but it still is quite green

This is largely due its natural underground aquifer that turns this desert land into fertile soil  

On a yearly basis, the underground aquifer produces around 712 million cubic meters of water

There are many places in the area where natural springs pour forth from the ground, including a hot water spring that has become a tourist site

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Mohammed Mirza

Mohammed is an avid traveler who is constantly on the hunt for new and upcoming Saudi travel destinations. Having lived much of his life in Saudi, he knows the country like the back of his hand. He's also a book lover at heart and is the author of a novel called "Desert Promises".