6 Of The Most Useful Roadtrip Hacks From KSA To Dubai That You Should Keep In Mind

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The UAE is usually one of the top choices for weekend staycations, due to the seemingly infinite possibilities of things to do- not just for an individual but for families too.

Roadtrips aren't just the cheaper option but, sometimes, a more entertaining one. Think about it; the snacks, food, family conversations and all the sights and life you'll get to see as you drive past other areas in the Gulf. It's an experience all on it's own.

So if you and your family are thinking of a road trip to the UAE soon, we've got a few handy-dandy tips for you prior to your travels:

1. Consider the distance from your starting point and map out your route beforehand

Roadtrips can either go really good or really bad, but this all depends on the mentality and the plan you lay out ahead of time. If you're traveling with family, it's good to consider bathroom breaks, the driver's resting time, petrol refills and your meals ahead of time.

A standard trip from Riyadh to the UAE's border is estimated to take between 8-10 hours. A ton factors, however, can affect this estimation (such as the ones mentioned above.)

So planning ahead of time will really make all the difference, and owning a GPA.

2. Have some cash ready but not all (safety first!)

Keep everything in your card (which you will hold near and dear to your heart) but keep some spare cash for petrol refills, snacks and other 'emergency' situations you might be in.

3. Drive in the daytime rather than at night

For example, if you leave Riyadh at 5-6 a.m, you'll probably reach the UAE's border by 7-8 P.M. This leaves plenty of time for you to sort out getting to your hotel, having dinner and resting well before you and your family members get to enjoy the days ahead!

Driving in the daytime also means you see more of the obstructions that might be on the way, such as camels crossing and whatnot.

4. Make sure you have lots of snacks and water intact

So that everybody in the vehicle is guaranteed not to go cranky.

5. Fill your petrol right before you reach the UAE border

Whichever petrol station you spot a little before arriving at the UAE border, it'd be best to fill up your tank beforehand so you'll just drive the day away and reach your destination in peace.

6. Consider a cereal container as your spill-less vehicle trash can

Last but certainly not least, make sure you have a trash can inside the car (one you can keep throwing out every chance you get.)

This is especially good for the ones who really can't stand a messy car.

Tip: Using a cereal container with a bag over it is a great solution to making sure NOTHING spills over.

You're welcome.

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