5 Lesser Known Towns From Saudi Arabia’s Southwest That Prove It Is A Green Wonderland

South Saudi

Saudi Arabia’s southwest is plainly put beautiful be it its unique culture and heritage or its dramatic mountainous landscape. Unlike the rest of the country, Saudi Arabia’s southwest is verdant, with some places almost resembling a tropical forest of sorts. Here are some of its lesser known towns and villages that will give you a glimpse of pretty much everything that the southwest is famous for.

1. An Namas

It is one of the wettest places in the country and is also one of its greenest. The town has a history dating back to over a thousand years so it is perfect for those looking for natural beauty and insight into Arabian history.

2. Bisha

Sitting at around 2,000 feet above sea level, Bisha may not be the highest but it still gets pretty foggy and misty at times – a rare sight in most places across the Kingdom. The town hasn’t got much to do but if one goes just a few kilometers outside it they’ll be able to see breathtaking valleys one after the other.

3. Fayfa

The picturesque landscape in Fayfa looks just exactly like Ethiopia’s Semien Mountains on the other side of the Red Sea. The town is slowly getting popular as tourists are braving the steeps on their 4*4s to reach it.

4. Al Batilah

Perhaps the least famous of all the other places in this list, the hills that surround this small town are covered in a carpet of green.

5. Wadi Lajb

More than the greenery of the place it is the water-filled canyons that this oasis is famous for. The area is very scarcely populated and vegetation the type that you would normally associate with Africa grows around Wadi Lajb.

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Mohammed Mirza

Mohammed is an avid traveler who is constantly on the hunt for new and upcoming Saudi travel destinations. Having lived much of his life in Saudi, he knows the country like the back of his hand. He's also a book lover at heart and is the author of a novel called "Desert Promises".