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The Top 10 Sights To See In The Eastern Province That Just Prove The Amount Of Tourism Potential The Place Has

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The Eastern Province is huge and luckily for us there is so much to see in it. With visa restrictions on tourists being lifted we thought why not give everyone a glimpse of what our wonderful Eastern Province has to offer.

And, if you live here and haven’t see these then all we can say is that you better start soon.

10. Tarut Castle

The island is pretty small but its significance lies in its rich historical legacy. It’s almost 500-years-old and is believed to have been built by the Portuguese.

9. Ibrahim Palace

The erstwhile palace is one of the oldest standing structures in Hofuf. Though it is called a palace it looks more like a military garrison. It is open for tourists and also houses a small museum within it. There is also a beautiful mosque in the confines of the palace that’s quite an attraction here.

8. Al Khobar Lighthouse

The lighthouse is Al Khobar’s most popular landmark. Just Google Al Khobar and chances are that majority of photos that popup will be of this lighthouse.

7. Fanateer

Jubail’s entertainment options center around Fanateer. There are numerous watersports at your disposal like jet-skiing, fishing and boating amongst others. And, you can indulge in them all while you get to see the Arabian Gulf lap on the white sandy beach.

6. Half Moon Bay

One of the first places that locals take any visitor sightseeing is Half Moon Bay. It was literally this place that most of us who have lived here in the region for a long time have some of our fondest memories. The beach is pretty good too and you can even stay at one of the swanky resorts that have sprung up around the place.

5. Qaisariyah Souq

Like many places on this list, this one too is in Al Ahsa. One of the oldest souqs in the region, the market has been restored by the government and is home to several sellers selling a huge variety of products – just like you’d expect a good Arabian souq to.

4. Jawatha Mosque

The mosque is almost 1,400 years old and it is said to be the 3rd oldest mosque in the world. The mosque was also home to the Black Stone for a brief period when it was stolen from the Kaaba about 1,000 years ago.

3. Uqair Port

Before Dammam struck oil this was the main port in the region. Though small in size, the charming port is a reminder of the region’s past and an era before the oil boom. Instagrammers seem to love it thanks to the amazing photo-ops it offers.

2. Ithra

Also called the King Abdulaziz Center For World Culture, this is one of the most visually stunning buildings in the country. And, it’s not just on the outside, its equally stunning on the inside too, which just got better thanks to an installation called the “Source of Light.”

1. Jabal Qara Caves

The Jabal Qara caves, which are located just a few kilometers away from the city of Hofuf stretch for miles, most of which are open for tourists to explore. These caves are also referred to by some as the Ali Baba caves – one of the popular folktales in the Arabian Nights.

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