This Saudi Delivery App Has Become More Popular Than Uber Or Facebook

Mrsool app

Smartphone penetration is very high in Saudi Arabia and so is our reliance on apps. Many of these apps were developed by locals who found a niche that caters to the Saudi market. One such app called Mrsool that was launched just about four years ago has now become more popular than Uber or Facebook in the country.

Bloomberg reported that Mrsool has got four million registered users who made transactions of about a billion riyals last year.

It is unlike any other courier app in the market, at Mrsool they deliver everything from restaurant takeaways and groceries to even medicines.

The concept is simple you select what you want, give your location and drivers bid to bring it for you for a certain fee.

It doesn’t end there as users can even bargain on the app.

Once the courier makes the delivery the user will hand out whatever the charges were in cash.

With their foot firmly set in the Saudi market, Bloomberg reported that Ayman Alsanad who is the founder of the app now has eyes set on the Bahrain market next.

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Mohammed Mirza

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