9 Of The Most Popular Saudi Sheikhs On Twitter

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Twitter enjoys huge popularity in Saudi Arabia and it is in the Kingdom where the social media platform has one of the highest numbers of users in terms of the percentage of the population using it.

Twitter has given birth to many of the country’s social media influencers/stars. Some of Saudi Arabia’s scholars or Sheikhs as they are generally called have seen their popularity increased tenfold by means of Twitter and in fact, the most followed Saudi on Twitter is an Islamic scholar. Read on to know the most popular ones.

Dr. Mohammed Al Arefi – 21.3 million

He is the most followed Saudi on Twitter and has a sizeable following from Arabic speakers from around the world. Dr. Arifi is perhaps the most followed scholar of any religion on Twitter. His followers seem to love his regular reminders on their feeds that would normally be thwarted with news, humor, and politics in typical Twitter fashion.

2. Dr. Aaeid Al Qarnee – 19 million

Sheikh Al Qarnee is best known for his book called La Tahzan (Don't Be Sad) that has been acclaimed by Muslim and non-Muslim audiences alike. His Twitter feed is well-rounded approach balancing out with texts, videos, and photo graphics.

3. Salman Alodah – 14.2 million

One of the earliest amongst the famous sheikhs to use Twitter, Salman Alodah was once a very active user of the platform. Till date, he has tweeted over a whopping 49 thousand times.

4. Al Kabani – 7.2 million

Al Kabani is the former Imam of Masjid Haram – the holiest site in Islam. He regularly adds a bit of humor to his posts and it seems to be loved by Twitter that explains his huge following.

5. Saleh Al Moghamsy – 6.9 million

Sheikh Al Moghamsy is the Imam of the Quba Mosque in Madinah. He is part of the new breed of tech-savvy preachers. Those who have heard his lectures know him for his exceptional oratory skills but those who follow him on Twitter know that he writes equally well.

6. Dr. Nasir Al Omar – 6.6 million

He may not be a serial tweeter but Sheikh Nasir has a sizeable following on and off social media.

7. Mohammed Saleh Al Monajjad – 4 million

Founder of a popular Islamic website, Islamqa.info, Sheikh Monajjad is widely regarded for his views on contemporary Islamic jurisprudence issues.

8. Dr. Khaled AL Mosleh – 3.2 million

Dr. Khaled is one of the country’s leading scholars on Islamic jurisprudence. He is active on almost every major social media platform and has a growing following on Twitter.

9. Khaled Al Jubair – 1.6 million

He is a medical doctor and an Islamic scholar and it is the way he brings across the message of the sciences intertwined with religious inclinations that make him standout.

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