Twitter Went Crayy After The Saudi Win Over North Korea In An Asian Cup Yesterday

Saudi Win Over North Korea

Saudi Arabia made everyone proud last night after winning 4-0 against North Korea on Tuesday at the Asian Cup.

The tournament showed Saudi players' exceptional skills garnering the praise from Saudi fans all over Twitter.

Image Credits: Twitter/ @SaudiNT

Saudi's incredible game started when Hatan Bahbri came through with an angled shot

During the 28th minute of the match, The Green Falcon's Hatan Bahbri showed some next-level play with a strike so intense it puts the Kingdom's team with high expectations for the next game.

The captain of the team maneuvered leading to score in the 70th

Captain Salem al-Dawsari made space in the penalty area so that the team score in the 70th, Fahad al-Muwallad also beat out Ri Myog-guk in the 87th, reports The Daily Star.

Saudis went absolutely berserk on social media following the win


'A thousand congratulations to the team. You deserve it'

'Congratulations to our national team, hope you win the Asian Cup'

Many thanked player Fahad al-Mawlid for his game

'Best Saudi player'

'You are my hero'

Saudis who were at the match in Dubai were absolutely ecstatic

Even Emiratis cheered on the Saudi team

An Emirati fan raised a banner in support of the Saudi team.

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