This Just In: Football Teams Are Training For The Superclásico In Jeddah With Only Two More Matches Left

Brazil will face the Argentinian team this Tuesday in Jeddah's Al Jawhara stadium!

The Brazil and Argentina teams have flown out of Riyadh and arrived in Jeddah on Saturday, where they're set to compete on Tuesday.

The final two matches will involve a friendly between Saudi Arabia vs Iraq in Riyadh on the 15th of October (Monday) and the highly-anticipated finalé match between Brazil vs Argentina in Jeddah on the 16th (Tuesday).

The Superclásico championships were arranged by General Sports Authority chairman Turki Al-Shaikh to prep the teams for the Asian Cup in 2019. The latest sports ventures are also efforts by the organisation to achieve its aims for Saudi's Vision 2030.

All work and some play- Argentina team visits Masmak Fort and the Riyadh museum

The entire Argentinian team had the pleasure of visiting some of Riyadh's sightseeing landmarks.

Players were welcomed and toured around the Riyadh museum and the beautiful Masmak fort on Saturday, following their friendly against Iraq on Thursday.

The Brazil team arrived at Jeddah on Saturday

A day after Brazil's match against Saudi Arabia on Friday, the team arrived at the Jeddah airport welcomed with roses- not just from staff but football fans too.

The General Sports Authority is keeping fans up-to-date

The General Sports Authority's official Twitter account is keeping residents and fans in the know on all the updates. The response has certainly been overwhelming, a true reflection showing just how much passion locals have over the sport.

The Argentinian team can be seen in the video below, practicing for their big friendly against Brazil on the 16th.

A re-cap of the previous two matches:

Argentina won the 4-0 friendly versus Iraq, redeeming itself from the recent World Cup blunders.

Saudi's Green Falcons scored a 0-2 in a friendly versus Brazil. Manchester City's striker Gabriel Jesus scored the winning goal for the team.

Superclásico's full schedule and deets:

The Superclásico match will take place between October 11-16 and Saudi residents can all watch live. Saudi Arabia vs Iraq will play against each other on Monday. Whereas, the Argentina vs Brazil match scheduled on the last day of Superclasico (16th) in Jeddah.

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