OMG: The First-Ever Female Football Tournament Kicks Off In Al Khobar This Friday And Here’s Everything You Need To Know About It

Saudi female football

2018 was a landmark year and 2019 seems to keep the pace going.

Last year saw females enter the country’s stadiums for the very first time to watch football matches. This year females can not only enter stadiums but can also take part in the matches.

Al Khobar is set to host the first of such tournaments starting this Friday and here’s why it’s a big deal.

Clubs from all around the Gulf participate.

The tournament that will see 16 teams in total is officially called “Football Unites Us.”

It will be held under the patronage of the Amir of the Eastern Province, Prince Saud Bin Naif.

It’s not just about football, several other sports along with live music programs has been arranged.

The tournament will run for six days ending on the 6th of March.