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Snapchat Rolled Out A New Update And People Are Not Happy

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Dear Snapchat, why?

Was there anything wrong with the old app? 

Users loved it and we understand you’re trying to update and improve in order to keep up with other apps but why change something that isn’t broken?

In case you hadn’t noticed, or updated your app, Snapchat has rolled out a new update and people are definitely not happy with the new changes.

Cue a lot of confusion…

Snaps, chats and stories from your friends are all mixed together on one confusing page. 

Swipe right and there’s a new ‘Discover’ page where you’ll find stories from creators, publishers and people you don’t follow. 

And it’s not organised chronologically instead it’s all organised by who Snapchat think you want to watch first based on your watching habits.

People in the region aren’t happy with the update

Even Snapchat Queen Kylie Jenner isn’t sure about it

Why have you done this Snapchat?!

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