This Hospital In Saudi Is So Majestic That It Almost Looks Like A Palace

IMC Jeddah

A hospital in Jeddah called the International Medical Center (IMC) has such an imposing structure that it is hard for a passerby to go past it without looking twice.

Now, this is one hospital that some patients would probably go in with a big smile on their faces rather than having to fear those injections and long waiting queues. Here's more about it.

The hospital was actually founded by Dr. Walid Fitaihi, who is famous for the Arabic TV show – Wa Mahyayi.

The structure kind of looks like the art drawings they show you of the legendary Hanging Gardens of Babylon.

From the inside, the hospital is no less grandiose having elements of Islamic architecture throughout.

It was inaugurated by the late King Abdullah in 2006.

They even have an amazing park right next to the hospital that has free entry for all.

Another one of these amazing hospitals by IMC is set to open in Madinah.

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