6 Gyms In Riyadh With Incredible HIIT Programs That Will Kickstart Your Winter Fitness Goals

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Health nuts, gym freaks and resolution-makers have started taking place before January even draws upon us.

P.S. High-intensity interval training (HIIT) helps you burn more calories in a shorter time-span, plus it keeps things fun. The most popular program that provides the results of a HIIT or circuit training is definitely Crossfit. Yes, we're sure you might have heard of it before.

CrossFit is a branded fitness regimen created by a Greg Glassman in 2000. The program combines the competitiveness in sport and as a physical exercise, CrossFit workouts include HIIT, Olympic weightlifting, plyometrics, powerlifting and more.

Taking one of these classes at least twice a week can help strengthen and and condition ones' body to its utmost best.

So what better way to control the winter blues than by kickstarting your energy in the right direction?

1. FitZone

Fitzone is a ladies-only fitness boutique gym located at the Al Nakheel District. This boutique gym lives up to its definitive missions by a VARIETY of fitness classes, ranging from Les Mills' Bootcamp, a gym circuit program, yoga (all levels), kickboxing and so much more.

Location: Al Nakheel District, Thakassusi road

2. Invertal Plus Crossfit

Invertal Pluss Crossfit is just the type of place one needs if they're in search of other people looking to help and support them through their fitness endeavour. The place is for both men and women, with different sections to fulfill your WOD (workout of the day) classes and start 2019 fresh.

The CrossFit program is for people of all ages, man or woman, as long as you're willing to put in the work- the results of this program will be just as exemplary. Try a free class for a day, you can contact them via this link.

Location: (Different branches around the city)

3. Beam CrossFit

Self-proclaimed 'first men CrossFit box in Riyadh', Beam's a great place for beginners through advanced CrossFitters to find comfort and focus.

Just look at the before and after photos of their clients all over its IG page.

Super duper motivating!

Location: 6824 Al Bahar Al Arabi, Ishbiliyah


If you live in Riyadh and happen to be a member of the prestigious fitness and wellness center that is KORE, then you know just what a community for women it is.

KORE has been an active place for the women of Riyadh pretty much since 2013, when it had first established. Today, it runs several packages for women of all ages and with different fitness goals that make it one of the best in the Kingdom.

Its CrossFit programs are widely extensive and are catered to ensure the safety of women while still producing incredible results. Well, at least depending on the individual's consistency.

Location: Wady Al Janah Street

5. Iron Hill CrossFit

A three-month membership at this men's-only gym, Iron Hill, will only set you back SAR 2,700 but the lifestyle return is worth so much more.

Iron Hill has weight training instructor and exhausting CrossFit classes daily that is bound to make anyone come back for more.

Location: Uthman Bin Afzan Road


ARENA's location provides its members with the best surroundings that will truly encourage one to elevate their fitness efforts.

Located at the Prince Turki Road, with a great outdoor rooftop pool that overlooks The Boulevard- this place another favorite for CrossFitters in the city.

Location: The Boulevard, Prince Turki 1st Rd (Northern Ring)

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