5 Jeddah Malls That Are Perfect For Retail Therapy

Red Sea Mall

Jeddah’s malls are a shopaholic’s dream more so for the women than the men.

For years it was the malls that were our main source of entertainment. Seeing our fascination for malls, gigantic malls started springing up in Jeddah’s plushest areas and of late they have started hosting a wide range of entertainment activities rekindling our love for them.

Strolling on end around the long corridors, window shopping and finding discounted fashion can be good retail therapy. So here are some of the best Jeddah malls.

Red Sea Mall

The mall is pretty gigantic in size, perhaps the biggest in the country if you include the parking area as well. It is also said to be home to what is the biggest indoor water fountain in the world. So yes, there’s a lot to see and do here.

P.S. It is now home to Jeddah’s first cinema as well, so you can also enjoy a good movie after your retail therapy session.

Andalus Mall

Like the other malls in this list, it is prodigious. Anticipate loads of international fashion brands alongside a decent variety shops selling non-fashion items. But what really sets this mall apart is that it kind of acts like a de facto public square for many.

Even those who aren’t into window shopping are seen strolling around here because who would risk it in the Saudi sun when you have a nice climate controlled space like this one.

Mall Of Arabia

Home to the best of the best when it comes to shopping, a trip to Mall of Arabia is an experience on its own. You can take your kids along with you as Kidzania is located on its premises. So spend as many hours as you want until you find that right deal at one of its many designer stores while your kids enjoy learning a new craft at Kidzania.

Al Salaam Mall

A Jeddah stalwart, there’s much to find in this remarkably well-stocked shopping spot. If you are the kind that is not just into fashion, then this can be your go-to mall as it houses an IKEA and a Danube.

Aziz Mall

Expect fashion, fashion and more fashion. It used to be the premier shopping destination back in the day when there were hardly as many malls as there are now. When sale season begins, this the place you’d want to be. Expect amazing food options here as well.

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