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A Saudi Backpacking Group Has An Irresistible Travel Offer That You Can’t Say No To

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Ever heard of backpacking?

It’s a type of travel that is low-cost and purely independent and has gained quite the notoriety over the years since the surge of traveling increased among the millennials.

If you feel you’re not ready for a solely independent type of backpacking yet, there’s a group in the Kingdom called Saudi Nomad, that is sure to peak your interest.

The group assembles a number of peeps to visit a destination and SEE a whole lot of that country, for so much less the cost that one would pay if they travel the standard way.

And their next destination is one not to miss

For the beginning of 2019, the group Saudi Nomad is gonna go around the Philippines.

This trip will be unlike your usual photo-taking, Instagram-posting travels, however; as the group actually adds some challenge and fun into the mix.

For example, this Philippines trip will be an 11-day excursion to see the islands, engage in teamwork, challenges and adventures.

Keep scrolling for the trip’s deets…

Best part about these trips is that you get to choose a time that best suits you

Thankfully, this backpacking group understands the varied schedules people have due to work, school or other important ‘adulting’ scenarios. The next trip Saudi Nomad will be organising is from the 22nd February (2019) until the 4th of March.

With other months and dates regularly being updated on its website, to allow the traveler to choose based on personal preferences.

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The ‘Philippines’ trip deets:

For SAR 6,500, the trip will take you on an international flight from Saudi to the Philippines where the traveler gets a travel insurance, accommodation, transportation (everywhere you go), domestic flights in the Philippines (for all those lovely islands you’ll probs see), food and so much more.

That’s pretty much a steal considering how much more it would cost if one were to make all those travel plans on their own.

Check their social media pages or the website out for more info on this and other backpacking adventures.

Who’s ready to fly out?

Take us with you.

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