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9 Reasons Why Everybody Loves To Head To Taif During Eid

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We have just witnessed Eid and as always people from around the country bared the steep ascents and hairpin bends to reach Taif. Hotels were chockablock as were the roads that led to the city; so in case you are wondering as for why so many people visit Taif during Eid then you have come to the right place as we tell you why.

1. Eid brings with it a number of festivals to the city.

2. Needless to say, Eid holidays bring with it an opportunity for people from around the country to enjoy the crisp mountain air.

3. And, when they are here they get to say in fancy istirahas (resorts) like these.

4. The city is brimming with gardens and amusement parks so there is so much for the entire family to do.

5. The multimillion Rudaf Park deserves a mention on its own that is a place where you can easily spend hours on end.

6. There are many amazing places located on a few hours’ distance from Taif like Dhee Ayn and Wahba Crater.

7. For those who do not want to venture out of Taif, then they have its rich history to delve into.

8. Or there are there are the malls and shopping center because what better time to go shopping than Eid.

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9. Chances are that for once you will get an opportunity to eat fruits and vegetables straight from the farm.

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